Green card for transfers abroad

Grüne Karte für Überführungsfahrten ins Ausland

Do you want to transfer your vehicle abroad or from abroad to Germany?

Then you need the so-called "Green Card", with which you enjoy insurance cover beyond Germany.

Insurance cover is generally available in the following countries:

Within the EU:

A - Austria

B - Belgium

BG - Bulgaria

CY - Cyprus

CZ - Czech Republic

D - Germany

DK - Denmark

E - Spain

EST -Estonia

F - France

FIN - Finland

GB - Great Britain

GR - Greece

H - Hungary

HR - Croatia

I - Italy

IRL - Ireland

IS - Iceland

L - Luxembourg

LT - Lithuania

LV - Latvia

M - Malta

N - Norway

NL - Netherlands

P - Portugal

PL - Poland

RO - Romania

S - Sweden

SK - Solvak Republic

SLO - Slovenia

Outside the EU:

CH - Switzerland

AL - Albania

AND - Andorra

AZ - Azerbaijan

BIH - Bosnia-Herzegovina

BY - Belarus

MD - Moldova

MK - Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.)

MNE - Montenegro

RUS - Russia

SRB - Serbia

TR -Turkey

UA - Ukraine

Further information on the Green Card and the possibility to report a claim can be found on the homepage of Deutsches Büro Grüne Karte e.V. :

Please always pay attention to the information on your green card, as only this information has legal validity.