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Frequently asked questions

When will I get the EVB?

Within a few minutes.

If it takes longer or you have not received any messages from us at all, please contact us .

How long is the EVB activated?

The EVB is activated for you for 15 days .
This will then automatically become invalid.

What do I do after I receive the EVB?

With the EVB (and your documents) go to the admission office . Your vehicle will then be registered there.

Which type of vehicle do I have to choose?

Car = car
Everything else (truck, trailer, motorcycle, etc.) = All

How can I get in contact with you?

You can reach us at any time by email or using our contact form .

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, just write to us briefly. We will cancel the order if your EVB expires unused.

Take out short-term license plate insurance easily and cheaply and receive your eVB number immediately

Short-term insurance license plate with electronic insurance confirmation

With short-term license plate insurance, you insure the vehicle against accidents and damage for test drives and transfers for 1 or 5 days. It is the prerequisite for applying for the short-term license plate from the registration authority.

Book short-term license plate insurance quickly and easily online

You can equip your car with the short-term license plate if you want to register a vehicle or for a test drive, for example. Sometimes the car dealer handles the registration themselves. In most cases, you can pay for this accordingly, so you have the opportunity to save a little money when you register the vehicle. In order to apply for your short-term license plate, you must provide proof of insurance in the form of the eVB number.

Use the green card to transport your vehicle abroad with a short-term license plate

You will also need a short-term license plate and insurance if you are transporting your vehicle abroad . In this case, simply select “Green Card” in the options above. You can then easily transfer your vehicle to other EU countries. If an accident occurs, the responsible authorities can use the green card to quickly and easily check the existence of insurance and the corresponding coverage amount.

A short-term license plate is often associated with the red license plate. However, the red license plate is a special license plate for commercial dealers. You as a private individual cannot get the red license plate.

Book short-term insurance: This is how it works

  1. First select the duration of the insurance above. You decide between 1 day and 5 days insurance duration.
  2. You then choose whether you would like to have a car or another type of vehicle insured
  3. Finally, you determine the place of validity: You decide between insurance for the Green Zone or Germany.
  4. You then pay for the insurance and immediately receive an electronic insurance confirmation to the email address you provided. With this eVB number you can now apply for your short-term license plate from the registration office.

Don't just protect cars with short-term license plate insurance

You need a short-term license plate not only for conventional vehicles such as cars and trucks, but also for trailers, scooters and other small vehicles. Tractors also require a short-term license plate for transfer during a test drive or for the time after purchasing the car. With our short-term license plate insurance, you can basically have all vehicle types insured. Simply select “All” or “Car” above.

What short-term license plate insurance covers

Short-term license plate insurance covers all damage that occurs to other road users during the insurance period. Short-term license plate insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle.

There is no partial or fully comprehensive coverage with short-term license plate insurance. The term is too short and the risk is difficult to calculate. For fully comprehensive insurance, an insurer would have to charge very high premiums, which in turn would make the insurance uneconomical for consumers.

You need these documents to register a short-term license plate

You can apply for the short-term license plate at the responsible registration office in your city. For admission you must submit the following documents.

  • Registration certificate
  • ID card
  • HU documents
  • eVB number

You will receive the eVB number after you have taken out your insurance with us.