Buy short-term number plate insurance simply and cheaply and receive your eVB number immediately.

With short-term license plate insurance, you insure the vehicle during transfers as part of the liability insurance. This is why the short-term license plate is also called a transfer license plate. It is the prerequisite for applying for the short-term license plate at the registration authority.

Quick and easy: EVB for a short-term permit

With the short-term license plate you can register your vehicle temporarily in order to carry out a transfer.

This can save you money, as registration through the car dealer is often subject to a fee.

If you buy short-term license plate insurance or transfer license plate insurance from us instead of from a car insurer, you are not tied to a car insurance company. After the purchase, you can take your time to consider where and whether you want to insure your vehicle.

To obtain your short-term license plate, you need an insurance confirmation in the form of the EVB number .

With the green card you can take your vehicle abroad with a temporary license plate. In this case, simply select “Green Card” in the options above. You can then drive your vehicle abroad. Please note that you are only allowed to drive in countries that are specified on the insurance certificate.

Book short-term insurance: How it works

  1. Vehicle type : Choose whether you want to insure one car or all vehicle types
  2. Place of validity :
    • If you only want to move the vehicle within Germany, please select Germany ,
    • If you want to drive a vehicle abroad, please select Green Card in the product selection.
  3. Address : Indicate who the policyholder is and, if applicable, the different billing address
  4. Pay : Pay for the order and we will send you the EVB by SMS and email
  5. Registration : Take all the documents you need for registration and register the vehicle.

Insure your car, truck, trailer, etc.

You need a short-term license plate not only for conventional vehicles such as cars and trucks, but also for trailers, scooters and other small vehicles.

Tractors also require a short-term license plate for transfer after purchase.

With our short-term license plate insurance, you can basically insure all types of vehicles. To do this, you must select the appropriate option.

What the short-term license plate insurance covers

Short-term insurance is a motor vehicle liability insurance that covers the so-called "legal minimum coverage amounts".

The short-term license plate insurance therefore covers damage that occurs to other road users during the insurance period.

Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers damage that occurs to your vehicle. Short-term license plate insurance, however, is only liability insurance.

We do not offer comprehensive insurance for short-term license plates.

What do you need the EVB for?

You will need the EVB at the registration office. It serves as valid proof of insurance for your vehicle.

For how many vehicles can the EVB/insurance be used?

The insurance is valid for a single vehicle and is tied to it.

When is the EVB active?

The EVB is activated immediately after purchase and can be used for registration. You can therefore buy the EVB online from your local registration office and use it straight away.

When is the short-term license plate valid?

The short-term license plate becomes valid when the insurance has been activated at the registration office. This means that you can drive off on the same day and the insurance will then automatically expire.

Does the insurance card still need to be activated?

No, we do this fully automatically and save you the extra effort. This means that the insurance card is already equipped with an EVB and can be used straight away. You don't need to do anything else.

Does the vehicle require a valid MOT?

Yes, your vehicle must have a valid general inspection (HU) before you can drive it on public roads.

If the MOT has expired or is otherwise invalid, the vehicle may no longer be driven.

Will I also receive the insurance card or the EVB by letter?

No, but you can print out the insurance card yourself and take it with you.

Does the green card have to be printed on green paper?


The term “Green Card” has historical reasons, so it can also be printed on normal (white) paper if you want to have your insurance documents with you.

You will receive the insurance documents by email and can save them on your smartphone so that you always have them to hand.

I didn't receive an SMS or email, what can I do?

You have two options:

  • Please check whether the payment has failed or whether you still need to approve it.
  • Have you forgotten to enter your phone number or have you mistyped it? Please check your email inbox (also your spam folder). Alternatively, you can also look at the order overview on our website.
  • In all other cases, please contact us . We will quickly make sure that the documents are made available to you.

Where can you get the short-term license plates?

The plates for the short-term license plates are available on site from the sign engraver. We only sell the EVB or the insurance for it and do not send out license plates.

You need these documents to register a short-term license plate

You apply for the short-term license plate at the responsible registration office in your city or district.

To be admitted you must submit the following documents.

  1. Registration certificate
  1. Identity card or passport with proof of registration
  1. HU documents
  1. EVB number
  1. Vehicle registration document

If you are a company or an association, you should bring your trade license or proof of association with you.

If you are authorizing a third party, you must bring a signed power of attorney .

You will receive the EVB number from us after you have taken out your insurance with us.

How long can the EVB be used for registration?

The EVB is activated for 12 days. Once the EVB is activated, it is then valid for the insurance period.


You purchased short-term license plate insurance on March 1st . On March 10th, you registered the vehicle with the EVB at the registration office. The short-term license plate insurance is valid from March 10th to March 16th and then expires automatically.

Where can you travel with a “Green Card”?

Your insurance card lists where you are allowed to drive your vehicle. Below you will find a non-binding list of the current countries (as of May 2024).

In the EU:

  • A - Austria
  • B - Belgium
  • BG - Bulgaria
  • CY** - Cyprus
  • CZ - Czech Republic
  • D - Germany
  • DK - Denmark
  • E - Spain
  • EST -Estonia
  • F - France
  • FIN - Finland
  • GB - Great Britain
  • GR - Greece
  • H - Hungary
  • HR - Croatia
  • I - Italy
  • IRL -Ireland
  • IS - Iceland
  • L - Luxembourg
  • LT - Lithuania
  • LV - Latvia
  • M - Malta
  • N - Norway
  • NL - Netherlands
  • P - Portugal
  • PL - Poland
  • RO - Romania
  • S - Sweden
  • SK - Solvak Republic
  • SLO - Slovenia

Outside of the EU:

  • CH - Switzerland
  • AL - Albania
  • AND - Andorra
  • AZ** - Azerbaijan
  • BIH - Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BY - Belarus
  • IL - Israel
  • IR - Iran
  • MD - Moldova
  • MK - Macedonia (FYROM)
  • MNE - Montenegro
  • RUS - Russia
  • SRB** - Serbia
  • TN -Tunisia
  • TR -Turkey
  • UA - Ukraine

(**) Insurance coverage based on Green Cards issued for Azerbaijan, Serbia and Cyprus is limited to those geographical areas under the control of their respective governments.

Free cancellation

With us, the cancellation of an unused EVB is free of charge . Please write an email or a message via our contact form .

This is how the cancellation works

You haven't used the EVB? No problem.

You write us a short message with your order number and we will confirm receipt of your cancellation request.

After the EVB becomes invalid (currently 12 days), we will cancel the EVB and you will receive a refund. Unfortunately, an earlier refund is not possible because we first have to wait for the status of the EVB usage.

You can also let us know before the EVB expires. We will take care of everything else for you.


Please note that the above information is non-binding. The legal provisions, insurance conditions, general terms and conditions, general terms and conditions and, above all, the information and restrictions that you will find on the insurance card always apply.